We know your business area

We are experts in the fields in which we provide active legal advice.

We provide legal advice and represent large, international pharmaceutical companies as well as medium-sized firms in this field.

In the field of copyright and media one of Europe’s largest newspaper publishers and a well-known German investigative news magazine rely on our expertise. But we also represent small book publishers and individuals who are affected by media publications.

In the field of industrial property law our advice is respected by one of the world’s largest cosmetic manufacturing firms as well as locally active family firms; our clients include a large Scandinavian fashion label as well as renowned industrial firms, designers and inventors.

In these branches and legal fields we are used to providing a wide spectrum of legal work from a variety of perspectives practical and with the same professional standard.

We do not define ourselves by the size of the firm or that of our clients.
Our sole ideal is to represent your case and provide you with expert advice.

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